Equality of the value of work: no work is more important than any other, nor is any work despicable.
Equality between people: all are equal and there is nothing that can cause one member to be preferred over another.
Equality of needs: elimination of the connection between contribution and compensation – each one gives according to his ability and receives according to his needs.


Release of the individual from material cares.
Relinquishing of private property.
Thus the founders took care to declare that the land they were working and on which they lived was only in trust to them and would continue to belong to the state. So it was also with regard to farm machinery and livestock and the contents of the member's rooms – everything was common property for the use of the members.
This attitude towards the acquisition of private property created a society whose members enjoyed maximum freedom. In this society there would be neither exploiters nor exploited. Sucha society would increase the dignity of the individual and would free energy and independence for spiritual creation.

Soniya Breiman in the kitchen

Soniya Breiman in the kitchen

עבודת שדה