The Hadera Commune encamps at Umm Juni

חברי "הקומונה החדרתית לפני עלייתם לאום ג'וני

  • Hundreds of Bedouin of the Rewali Tribe encamp on the fields with their camels
  • A strong southerly storm tears off all of the roofs, causing great destruction
  • The Ha'poel Ha'tzair Party convention is held at Umm Juni
  • A struggle for the employment of Jewish workers (as opposed to Arab) in the construction of Degania's first permanent buildings

  • The move to a permanent site
  • The first wedding – Miriam and Josef Bussel
  • The debate over settlement in the Horan region
חצר דגניה 1914

  • The first child is born on Degania – Gideon Baratz
  • Josef Trumpeldor joins Degania
יוסף מרים וגדעון ברץ

  • The murder of Moshe Bersky, the first victim of Arab violence
  • A serious fire breaks out in the granary
  • Locusts devour the cowshed in seven days
  • World War I breaks out; a German Army unit takes lodging in the Degania living quarters while the members are forced to live in the granary

  • Baruch Ben Yehuda comes to teach Hebrew
  • Expulsion of Degania members to Damascus
  • Alocust attack which devours the harvest

  • "Hamashbir" (wholesale supplier for cooperatives and collective settlements) is established by Degania and Kinneret people
  • A fundamental decision is arrived at regarding the common raising and educating of children

  • Joseph Bussel drowns in the Kinneret on a boat trip from Tiberias to Degania
  • A.D. Gordon settles on Degania
  • Rachel the poetess joins Degania
אהרון דוד גורדון

  • Degania 'B' is established
  • The first rift: the "Nahalal Group" leaves Degania

  • A.D. Gordon dies on February 22nd


The establishing of "Beit haHinuch haMeshutaf" elementary school for the Kibbutzim: Degania, Degania 'B', Kinneret, Beit Zera and Afikim is established.

  • The Beit Gordon Natural History Museum is established on Degania
  • The second dining room is built

  • The War of Independence breaks out; the Syrian army invades the Jordan Valley
  • The Syrian army's armor and infantry attack is thwarted at the gate of Degania;
    Israeli cannon (the "Napoleonchiks") are fired for the first time
  • Beit Yerach High School is established
שלום הוכבאום על הטנק הסורי


Degania celebrates its Jubilee.


The third dining room is built.

עוברים לחדר האוכל החדש


Toolgal Industrial Diamonds is established, the first industry on Degania.


The "Sirin" water plant (pumping of water up to the Sirin heights at +200 meters) is established jointly with the kibbutzim: Afikim, Kinneret, Degania 'B' and Beit Zera.

משאבות מפעל המים ב"סירין"


The old "Pioneers Yard" is renovated; the museum, memorial room and archive are established


Discussions are held on changing the collective way of life

  • The new era: the change is made carefully, through dialogue and with consideration and sensitivity for the individual; Degania adapts itself to a way of life in which individual freedom and economic liberty go hand in hand with mutual responsibility, ensuring an equitable life for the members, cradle to grave, while maintaining a collective organizational and economic system and vibrant community life.
  • Degania anticipates the expansion of the community and looks forward with confidence to its next century


Degania celebrates its Centennial

לוגו 100
נשיא המדינה שמעון פרס חונך את הצריף המשוחזר באום ג'וני   2010